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Cliff Sibuyi enjoys turning his fantasy and creativity into writing. He writes Romance, Paranormal and erotic. He's well known by his pen name, Mr Pitso. He written over seventy Short stories and four Novels.

What do we offer!

Book cover designer
Do not judge the book by its cover but readers do so, your book cover need to be smart and beautifull, with $10, we can create a perfect book cover for you.You can order the book cover by emailing me here 

Self-publishing Service

Do you have a story to tell. well you came to the right place. Let me tell you secret. Your Book is unique and we'll make sure it get the attention it deserve. I wouldn't not lie and it's hurts to know the truth. Publishing is easy but preparing your book is a long and complicated process. If it's your first getting into industry. you'll need assisted before you spend lot of money trying to publish a book.

you don't need to spend too much, Email us your script at Kulani31sibuyi@gmail.com and we'll have a look at it.

Couching advice
You choose to go with publish, get advice from the experience. We are prepared to help you and coach you through the journey.

Book your appointment here 

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Do you have an article you want to share with us, Please, we'll be glad with you send us, your article and will upload it to our blog

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